Dengue prevention!

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Dengue prevention!

Post by rewindtime » 21st Dec, '12, 23:43

Let's prevent dengue this Christmas!

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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by baloo » 22nd Dec, '12, 00:10

I just can't delete this. So wrong, yet so funny.
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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by Kooky » 22nd Dec, '12, 06:19

The energy is just bursting out of my laptop.

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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by Sardonicus » 22nd Dec, '12, 09:16

It's a thinking that will hurt you.
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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by daffodil » 22nd Dec, '12, 09:50

The sheer awfulness made me smile [4980.gif]
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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by Lili Von Shtupp » 22nd Dec, '12, 10:52

Best troll hit-and-run of the year.
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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by avatarless » 22nd Dec, '12, 22:29

let's hope it goes err... viral.

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Re: Dengue prevention!

Post by Pinklepurr » 22nd Dec, '12, 23:27

Such happy shoppers as well.
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