Zero Dark Thirty

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Zero Dark Thirty

Post by daffodil » 20th Jan, '13, 10:58

Notwithstanding that we all know how the story ends, I found this movie totally absorbing from start to finish.

The build up to finding Bin Laden - the highs and lows of that long search, plus an incredibly tense ending recreating the actual capture of the compound by the Navy SEALS. Some great performances - particularly from Jessica Chastain who is outstanding as the driven CIA operative, Maya, obsessed with hunting down Bin Laden.

There are some confronting scenes of CIA "enhanced interrogation" techniques, and despite the furore surrounding the movie, it doesn't champion the use of torture though it does lend itself to the suggestion that critical intelligence was gathered that led directly to his capture.
How much access Katherine Bigelow and her team were given to classified information is another hot topic, and calls for it to be banned will surely just add to it's success!

4.5 out of 5.
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Re: Zero Dark Thirty

Post by Joseph27 » 20th Jan, '13, 17:33

Have to agree - it was gripping and engaging but the enhanced interrogation scenes were a tad uncomfortable and I couldn't help feeling like it was selling torture as a legitimate tool of foreign policy. It was edge of your seat stuff - I'd still give it 4 stars
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Re: Zero Dark Thirty

Post by Kooky » 21st Jan, '13, 15:19

Time Out Sydney gave this 5/5. Might even go see it.

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Re: Zero Dark Thirty

Post by skank-la » 23rd Jan, '13, 05:07

Even hough you know the outcome its still a gripping film

Its all there, the CIA's massive f'up letting the doctor kill their own & the Hotel Bombing in Karachi

Well done
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Re: Zero Dark Thirty

Post by Fat Bob » 27th Jan, '13, 12:39

Must say, I've finally understood why I didn't think this or Argo were particularly good. It's pro-USA propaganda, done to show the Americans have some feelings and that they are the good guys. Meh! I can watch that in Team America.

I did see shorts for Die Hard 5,Jack the Giant Killer, Hitchcock and Sly's new movie, Bullet to the Head. Die Hard, Jack and Hitchcock look like good cinema movies, Bullet to the Head something for DVD/download. But that's my thoughts.
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Re: Zero Dark Thirty

Post by nev » 29th Jan, '13, 14:42

I thought this was a good movie, but overrated. Couldn't really understand the hype. Chastain's acting was just OK, and the movie was not as suspenseful as I'd expected. The Hurt Locker (from the same director) was much better.