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Re: It's on

Post by BoD » 24th Mar, '13, 20:15

What is good that you guys actually seem to care. When it comes to British politics, I have to admit that I sit in the 'it doesn't really make a difference which idiot gets into power' camp. Apathetic I know
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Re: It's on

Post by Kooky » 25th Mar, '13, 04:28

I was the same in the UK, BoD, and these days (although I don't pay that much attention) I think the parties are so close together it really does make little difference.

Here, well for one thing I have to vote. For another, I work in a field where it matters who is in power. And most importantly in my mind, theory has it our boom is about to bust. (Yours, I think, bust long ago - if it ever boomed :D ) Oz makes a big deal of having escaped the GFC but has it really?

We need to be accepting and planning for that, not in denial and kow-towing to Gina and the other people with money that influence the decisions here. Murdoch included. Wonder if The Guardian coming here will shake things up a bit? :)