I'm selling my wonderful dishwasher

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I'm selling my wonderful dishwasher

Post by Beesknees » 3rd Dec, '11, 12:46

The one we bought last year which made my life soooo much easier. [smilie=bowdown.gif]

We're on the road again and leaving early January so we have the contents of our flat to dispose of.

Once I have time I will put up a listing but if there is anything anyone is particularly looking for please send me a pm
We bought all our stuff last year in IKEA, Singapore, apart from our Queen sized bed which we took over from Australia.

Anyway, the dishwasher is a BOSCH Model SMS50e12EV. This one was made in Germany rather than Turkey and it is excellent. As new condition. We bought for $1000 and will sell for $500. Photos and receipt available.

PS I think I'm allowed to sell this way, am I?!

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Re: I'm selling my wonderful dishwasher

Post by Fat Bob » 3rd Dec, '11, 13:15

Yeah, I think you are, but have moved it to somewhere more suitable.
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