Canondale F500 for sale

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Canondale F500 for sale

Post by Beesknees » 30th Aug, '11, 10:17

This is my bike which I've taken round the world with me and sadly, hardly ever used. It's in perfect condition, cost circa £1000 new (7 years ago) and I will sell it for $400.
Would be suitable for someone of 5'4" - 6' I reckon (I'm 5'7")

Come round and have a look/test ride if you are interested.

Oops, not be able to insert photo. Photo to follow.

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Re: Canondale F500 for sale

Post by Tas » 30th Aug, '11, 10:44

buggeration. I'm actually looking for a second hand one, that sort of thing and condition, that sort of price range. Anyone fancy packing a bike box over to Sydney?????
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Re: Canondale F500 for sale

Post by baloo » 30th Aug, '11, 17:49

Catch a boat over, ride it back.
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